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Greetings! I’m Lucky Ducky, and welcome to the Student Blogging Challenge!   

I’m Lucky I’m Lucky I’m Lucky!

I enjoy fishing. The reason I’m so lucky is that every time I go fishing, I catch my favorite fish which is salmon. Playing games bring me joy. For instance, Hide ‘n’ Seek is a game I love to play with my family and friends.  Nobody can ever find my hiding spot, because I’m lucky. I also really like playing tag because I’m super fast and like the game a lot. Plus, I’m lucky.

Also, I like to travel by sea to the Atlantic. Additionally, I like to travel to Hawaii, Barcelona, and South Duckota. Where do you like to travel or where would you like to travel to?

Do you like soccer? I’m asking because I do and my favorite team is Barcelona and my favorite player in Barcelona is Messi. Who’s your favorite soccer player?

Gaming is my favorite hobby. My favorite video game is Minecraft. The reason is that it’s a fun game where you can choose two game modes. One choice is creative, you can go in your inventory and get items. The other mode is survival mode. The point of survival is you have to start from the beginning and make your way up. It is a new world of adventure!

All in all, I’m the luckiest duck in the world! Well, that’s all about me. Make sure to comment on one of my posts!


  1. Hi lucky Duck I liked how you asked questions and this is my site

  2. Hi Lucky Ducky!

    I am a teacher commenter from the student blogging challenge and I am very impressed by your post! You not only have a creative title and theme for your blog but you shared details about why you feel lucky. (Love the reference to South Duckota!)

    I am not a soccer player and none of my kids were ever soccer players, but I have tried Minecraft. I have to say I was very bad at it because I did the survival mode and I could never build a shelter quickly enough to not get wiped out by a zombie, or some other bad character.

    Some schools actually use Minecraft EDU and I am wondering if you have experience in Minecraft during school time or you do it entirely in your free time. Now that school is “different” for most of us these days, we may have time to try lots of things we never had time for before. I look at my piano and think I will might go back and try to improve my rusty skills. I am in Pennsylvania so our school has been closed more than a week already.

    Maybe in the future you can write about your learn from home activities. I would enjoy reading more of your posts!

    • Mrs. Yollis

      March 27, 2020 at 5:37 pm

      @ Mrs. Ruffing,

      I like your amazing comment that you gave to Lucky Ducky. Mrs. Yollis is leading a commenting lesson right now on Zoom!

      Sprinkle Llama noticed that you are very good at commenting. You add a lot of detail to get us thinking and writing.

      You mentioned Minecraft and here are our thoughts. In creative, what buildings have you made? Dare Devil Dog has made a mansion that has a secret basement and a balcony. In the basement, I have my room, my brother’s, and a guest room.

      Lucky Llama has played MinecraftEDU. Which code have you done? Have you done the one where it raining chickens?

      Professor Gold Nugget has also played Minecraft. In creative, I have made a simple house with multiple red stones. For example, I’ve made cages that open by flicking a lever. Sometimes I keep mobs or wolves in there.

      Disco Pets adores what you said about Minecraft. You gave an excellent explanation about what you built. I build a mansion in the sky!

      Tomato Salad has never played MineCraftEDU, but she has played creative. Once I made a house out of Jack-o-lanterns.

      What are some of the best builds you’ve done?

      Dr. Circle wants to know what songs you can play on the piano.

      Your blogging buddies,
      Mrs. Yollis’ students
      Los Angeles, California

  3. @Mrs. Ruffing

    Thanks for the wonderful comment! Yes, I do play Minecraft in my free time that is if I finish my homeschooling.

    I will be sending some new posts if they shortly.

    -Lucky Ducky

  4. Hi Lucky Ducky,

    I think your title is very interesting, how did you think of the name? The way you wrote the post was very funny but informative.

    I like soccer and enjoy playing it as well, but I don’t have a favorite team or player yet. I reckon that all the players are good.

    Hide ‘n’ Seek is a game that I enjoy playing, but I like playing Busted as well. Busted is when you can’t touch the floor and if you do you’re `busted’.

    Do you have a boat? You said that you enjoyed traveling by sea to the Atlantic.

    I like your joke about South Dakota [ South Duckota], it really made sense.


  5. Your post was very informative and intriguing. I like to travel around America but I would like to travel to Australia.

  6. Hi Lucky Ducky! I am Nick and I am 13. Although I don’t watch I lot of soccer, I do enjoy playing it. I love playing it on the schoolyard with my friends. Do you play in a soccer league? What other sports fo you play?

  7. @ Lucky Ducky,

    I am really good at hide n’ seek too! My family and friends can never find me when I am hiding during the game.

    What is the best place for hiding in your house?


  8. @ Maddie

    I am a ducky so I hide in the pool and nobody goes there so they can not find me. I do try to hide in the sink, but the sink water is on to fill it up and my friends and family. Can you hear the water? I did once but they went to the wrong bathroom. I was really lucky still I had luckier moments.

    The luckiest duck in the world,

    Lucky Ducky

  9. Hi Lucky Ducky,
    Your blog is really cool. I also like fishing, however, I haven’t caught many fish. I live in the United States, so I mostly travel in the US. However, I have gone to Bermuda. We took a cruise ship there and it was a lot of fun.

    If you want to check out my blog, here is the link.


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