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My 12 Essentials

Check out the 12 essentials that I use during this time in the text below.

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1. Toothbrush:  Cleaning my teeth is very important, so I don’t get cavities.

2. Z bar: Z bar is a healthy snack I have once a day.

3. Soccer ball: I have a soccer ball to practice soccer. I really enjoy playing soccer and I miss playing with my team.

4. Swimsuit and goggles: Twice a week, I like to go swimming with my brother.

5. Vitamins: I take my vitamins every day to stay healthy.

6. Minecraft books: One of my favorite books to read are Minecraft books. Some of the books give me great tips and some are the adventure, such as Minecraft the Island.

7. Nerf gun: I like to do nerf gun battles with my brother and my dad. My dad shoots very fast which makes the game more fun.

8. MacBook Pro: I use my MacBook Pro for education and watching youtube videos.

9. Boxing gloves and rod: I do my kickboxing through zoom every day for one hour. It is a great way to learn discipline and get good exercise.

10. iPhone: I use my iPhone to listen to music.

11. Hand sanitizer: The hand sanitizer keeps my hands clean which is very important.

12. Pokemon Cards: I collect pokemon cards and trade with my brother. I have some very good cards and some not so good ones. I try to trade the bad ones with good ones.

What do you think of my list?

What are some of your quarantine essentials?

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  1. Such a great list Lucky Ducky. I did this same challenge with my grade 3/4 class in Vancouver, Canada and so many of the items on your list resonate with my students too. Was it hard to just select 12? Is there anything you’d love to have on. the list that you haven’t had with you during quarantine? I wish I had a cook and a cleaner in my personal bubble 🙂 I am grateful that we have local restaurants open so I can pick up some delicious food and help support my local businesses. Keep safe and thanks for sharing this.

    Ms. Lirenman
    Grade 3/4 Teacher
    Vancouver, Canada

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