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Fun with Photos

I found this rose in a sidewalk. I loved the color of it so I took a picture and put it on my blog!

Check out my Fun with photos picture!


This is a pink rose. Photo by Lucky Ducky



What is your favorite flower?

What can you tell me about your favorite flower?







  1. Hello,
    I’m Mrs Barrett a teacher from Scotland. I’m a #stubc commenter.

    What a beautiful photo. I love flowers and being out in my garden. I like my favourite flower at the moment is a buddleia – it is also known as a butterfly bush. I don’t have one in my garden though 🙁
    I also love wild flowers and have planted some meadow areas in my garden – fingers crossed they grow.

  2. @ Lucky Ducky

    Hi Lucky! It’s Hank. I really like the photo that you tookI it looks really pretty. One of my favorite color is a red.


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